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We're committed to offering you the best possible care! So please take some time to share your feedback with us.


We now have a fast and easy Patient Experience Survey that you can take online using the link here. You can also share your feedback on how we can improve your APLMG experience via email or social media!


We're also offering those who participate in our online Beauty Survey a chance to win a complimentary Botox session! You can ENTER for your chance to WIN using the link here. You can also take our Health & Fitness Survey here to enter for a chance to win a FREE fitness tracker!


In the interest of safeguarding your privacy, we ask that you do not share any personally identifying information or personal medical information on these or any contact forms on our website.


If you wish to share your comments via email, simply submit your basic contact information along with the name of the department you wish to share your thoughts with in the subject line (e.g. Medical Records or Scheduling) and someone from that department will contact you as soon as possible, should a direct response be needed.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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