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It's amazing what you can do, especially when you tap into the A+ Lifestyle! What separates us from our competitors is the variety and personal service that we offer to our A+ Fitness members.


We offer a wide and affordable array of classes and services, our gym is open to Fitness Club members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and memberships are as low as $15 per month!  So call (512) 303-0007 or stop by the center today, because when fitness meets wellness, it all adds up! Get a head start on the registration process by taking our online Fitness Center Survey.

Running Shoes

A+ Fitness Class Schedule

BellyCise Classes

Have fun while building a tighter core with the  help of this  energizing & artistic  class. 

Personal Training

Get the most out of your fitness routine with the help of our personal trainers.

Total Body Workout

Build strength & definition

in a  class that's

equal parts fun & effective.

A+ Fitness Center is conveniently located at 815 Highway 71 West, right beside A+ Lifestyle! Our facility is open 24/7 to A+ Fitness members and now you can save even more time registering by filling out our Fitness Center Survey online!

Come see how it all adds up today!

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